My Services

Music Composer

I enjoy creating all sorts of new music, be it short catchy tunes, somber and touching themes, or quarky melodies. I have composed music answering systems, video games, theoretical projects, and just for fun. While I feel I have a sound of my own, I do not keep my self restricted within that notion. I enjoy creating various genres for differing moods and effects, and am always open to new and foreign ideas.

Sound Designer

Characters, more often than not, have a voice and a figure that we can relate with. Catchy tunes can get stuck in our heads for days. When it comes to environments, vibrant colors and flashy textures aren't always enough to grab your attention. I take pleasure in intensifying environments with appropriate sounds to give them life and tone.

Audio Editor

While I can appreciate a piece of audio for what it is, I often find myself wondering what things could sound like if I could alter them in some way. I like the idea of "recycling" music- gaining fresh new ideas from something that others possibly couldn't see. On a more practical note, I also enjoy working with restraints, such as cutting a song to a certain length, or creating a promotional piece such as a commercial or other informative piece.

Game Audio

Showcased here is an overview of video game projects that I have been a part of. The main video above features a fly-through of the primary level for Codename: GooGirl; I took the lead with designing, recording, and implementing the sounds for the environment.

Codename: GooGirl is an in-development third person action/platformer/shooter that revolves around a half robot/half goo character, with fast-paced gameplay featuring various game types. The selectable levels are based around 'goo' factories and harvesting facilities, with an overall colorful and futuristic feel.

The main level in the works takes place in a production factory of some type, with various machines and equipment scattered throughout the level.

For an open-ended project, I decided to compose music for a specific kind of game- a futuristic racing game.

I chose very synthetic sounding instruments for the future theme, and driving busy percussion for the "urgency" that one would feel when playing a time-trialed event.


This is a compilation of compositions that I have created over the years. The pieces range in style, genre, theme, and emotion, as well as program used. My earlier works were created in Finale, while recently I have shifted over to FL Studio.


Here you will find a selection of pre-existing songs that were edited for use in the music-rhythm game 'In The Groove'. This fast paced arcade game typically requires songs to be under 2 to 2.5 minutes in length for players to step on arrows in time with the music. It's important that the audio tracks retain exact time and precision because any off-tempo editing done to the song could completely throw off a player's timing, affecting their score negatively. Songs were picked from a wide variety of genres, and editing has been done to keep the songs interesting, fun, and preserve key elements of the song while having the length be reduced.


About & Contact

Hi! I'm Grace, and I am an aspiring audio designer and composer.

Music and sound have always been important parts of my life, and I've turned that hobby into a passion. Starting with memorable, little jingles, I evolve them into refined, short, pieces, or expand on them to form more elaborate compositions. Along with song creation, I specialize in editing and production; taking specific songs and trimming, chopping, or lengthening to fit a variety of needs.

As a complement to production, I have experience in multiple independent game projects as an audio designer. From rail shooters taking place in space, to platformers in crazy factories, I have had a wide range of styles and atmospheres that I was in charge of creating. Games are almost soulless without their auditory counterpart, and with that, I can give them life and make the world feel truly believable.

From music-based games, to sound design for a variety of genres, I have experience in proper audio techniques, and strive for perfection in sound related lines of work, regardless of platform or media. Below, you can find personal contact information, as well as links to other networks that I may be found.